ALTA MEDICAL SERVICES is an emerging company based in Barcelona.

We are a specialized consulting firm on Medical Affairs, which provides a full range of customised guidance, advice, support, and solutions to health science companies along the whole life-cycle of new medicines, devices, and programs.

We are talented experts committed to supporting our clients in achieving a clear strategy pursued through effective and aligned activity.

We are passionate about our work, we employ strategic global thinking, and are able to provide customised innovative solutions focused on compliance from a medical perspective, as we have the judgment and expertise to interpret the codes and regulations under the increasing regulatory scrutiny that the industry is facing.

We help our clients to shift to a new paradigm of medical compliance and provide guidance on the risk evaluation of different medical and commercial activities, finding innovative solutions that deliver both value and a sustainable competitive advantage for each organisation.




Anna Muñoz

PhD MD is the founder and Managing Director of Alta Medical Services. Prior to starting this company, she held various management positions related to Global Medical Affairs in different large and medium-sized companies. In these different roles, she has gained the expertise, knowledge, and judgment to establish a company culture based on medical compliance. She is a Senior Global Medical Affairs Leader with extensive expertise in leading medical support of the marketed and late-stage development products and has significant ability in translating clinical data into strategic product medical plans. She has broad experience in compliance with medical affairs; working with high ethical standards. Extensive knowledge in increasing awareness & understanding, reviewing/ensuring the accuracy of relevant codes and standards applied to the development of global brand-specific related material and activities, and strong experience in medical writing of internal training, providing F2F deliverables, and supporting the medical information teams.

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Alba Gil Loyo

Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and currently doing a Master's of pharmaceutical Industry and biotechnology, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona. Broad experience in basic research. Passionate about science communication, with wide-range expertise in developing effective pharmaceutical education.



ALTA MEDICAL SERVICES provides guidance on how to transform the role of tactical enforcer of compliance functions into that of strategic advisor, encouraging a culture of ethics and integrity in every employee at each pharmaceutical company that requires our services.


We design pragmatic, efficient ways to:

- Drive companies to achieve an enterprise-wide awareness of compliance risk, reviewing the client’s approach to medical compliance.

- Build a company culture that allows compliance to be viewed as a source of competitive advantage and customer differentiation.

- Identify what can be done in to achieve compliance and to introduce the culture as part of the DNA of the company.


We are proud of what we do, ensuring:

- A correct interpretation of the relevant codes and standards that cover the different stages involved in the different phases of the drug/medical device lifecycle.

- An independent viewpoint and cover a great number of compliance services related to commercial and medical interaction.

- Innovative, efficient and pragmatic solutions with initiatives tailored to each specific project, adding value and giving your organisation a sustainable competitive advantage.

- Extremely accurate management across the different teams of the 'off-label use' prohibition required by regulators.


We act as an extension of the client, ensuring every single activity is delivered to exceptional standards and bringing commitment, integrity and pride to everything we do.